Mochi the instagram pug of #mochismoviemoments

Thanks to the rise of Instagram, many canine superstars were born in the last few years. They all have their own distinctive star power. Some are famous for being super cute like Boo the Pomeranian, some have a wardrobe most humans would envy like Digby Van Winkle, others like Cookie of PS.NY produce the most artistic images on Instagram. These celebrity pooches, or we call influencers, are taking the business world by storm with lucrative product endorsement deals. Watch out Taylor Swift!

Call me a star chaser or whatever, but I’m really proud to say I know one of these celebrity dog personalities. She is a 3.5yo pug named Mochi. Her mum Miranda is an advertising executive and her dad Shota is the head chef at chef-hatted restaurant Bar H. Therefore it’s not hard to trace where Mochi’s creativity comes from.

Runway Pooch-Minty Cocker Spaniel-Family Pawtrait

Minty is a 3yo English Cocker Spaniel living with his modern family in the trendy inner suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney. Minty has a mum, Bea, who works in property development for an oil company. He also has a padrino, that’s god father in Italian, Leon who is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Spares Box, Australia’s largest auto parts online store.

Runway Pooch Noodle the Bowtie Poodle

If you have seen the movie Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop, you will remember this: Gwyneth’s character was fired from her PR job. She rushed for her train on the London Underground. The plot then splits into two parallel universes, which in one of them she missed the train by a second, in the other one she got into the train just as the sliding doors closed behind her. The one second difference between being inside and outside of the sliding doors resulted in a lifetime of completely different outcomes. By now, you must be asking, what do Sliding Doors have to do with how I met my dog?