You know you love your denims. When you found a perfect pair that fits like a glove, you wear them day and night. Not convinced? Close your eyes, imagine you’re standing in front of your wardrobe, tell me how many pairs of jeans can you see? Whether you love denims as much as I do, denim chic is an all seasons key trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Ever thought of introducing denims into your dog’s wardrobe?

Runway Pooch Tokyo Dog Fashion Poodle and Dachshund

Typhoon Phanfone was raging on the street of Tokyo by mid-afternoon Sunday 5 October 2014. I happened to be in Japan, a country I’d been dreaming about visiting for years. Weather channels were having a ball reporting how dramatic the category 4 tropical cyclone was, causing the city to stand still and shutting down airports.

I decided to brave the storm and carry on my pilgrimage to the streets of Naka Meguro, a quiet upper middle class neighbourhood where locals parade their frocked-up dogs on Sunday afternoons. No surprise at all, those fashion-conscious, puppucino-sipping, pram-riding Japanese pooches were nowhere to been seen in this crazy weather. Feeling slightly disappointed, I was determined to make my trip worthwhile anyway. Time to hit the shops for my baby Noodle!

Thanks to my iPhone GPS, it didn’t take me long to find Snobbish Babies, a doggie fashion boutique extravaganza that also sells hooman clothing. As I walked into the store, my eyes instantly opened up as wide as could be, like a 3-year-old walking into a candy store for the first time…

The Dog Who Wears Bow Tie With Trench Coat

My personal obsession for bow tie is apparent from the way I dress my dog. Guys are less fortunate than girls in the fashion department. We have a lot less than what girls get to play with when it comes to styles, silhouettes, materials, colors, cuts and garment types. Just look up Luisa Via Roma, one of the largest luxury fashion online retailer. There are 30 sub-categories listed under Clothing for women ranges from dresses to jumpsuits to skirts but they only have 22 for men. Does men fashion have to stop at plain old shirts and pants?