Jay Lee | Founder and Editor

Jay Lee is a designer, pet fashion stylist, classical pianist, founder of Runway Pooch and father to a poodle.

Originally an architect and interior designer, the building industry did not seem to satisfy Jay’s desire to express his creativity freely. The fantasy and reality of architecture were completely different things. To him the industry is more obsessed about how to fit in a fixed number of standard window modules onto plain glass facades and maximum numbers of office cubicles squeezed in behind it, rather than the ‘feel’ of space and form created as he developed from prestigious architecture school. Afraid of being bored to death, he decided to quit and went on a journey searching his soul.

And then Jay met his baby Noodle, that’s when he realised what he really wanted to do is something that combines his passion for fashion, design and dogs. During the first winter Jay and Noodle spent together, they found local pet retail market was saturated with cheesy cupcakes and bone prints. Out of desperation to keep Noodle and other dogs from committing fashion crimes, Jay launched Runway Pooch online boutique specialising in fashion forward dog clothing, accessories and lifestyle products in 2014.

Being a thinker and a creator, the Runway Pooch blog is the best way Jay can share nice things about dogs and their city living. To Jay, dogs are the best people. It was Noodle that helped Jay going through several major life challenges after all! This blog is a tribute to unconditional love dogs give to humans and their meaningful connections.

Jay and Noodle lives in the inner city of Sydney, Australia.

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Runway Pooch Noodle Lee Supawmodel

Noodle | Supawmodel

Born in a family with generations of international grand champion Studs and Bitches, Noodle escaped the faith of being brought to Hong Kong to be a show dog. In stead of dealing with hair spray and show ring judgement for the rest of his life, he found Jay who made him a runway pooch.

A cheeky boy who loves stealing his dad’s underwear when he’s in the shower. A loving boy who gives his human unconditional love and unlimited kisses. A Supawmodel who knows how to strike a pose for the camera. A hunter who kills his greenies before eating them. And more importantly a partner in crime to Jay who he paints the town rainbow with.

Noodle is the true inspiration for the launch of Runway Pooch. There are so many fun things he and Jay are planning to bring to you through this blog.


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