Mochi the instagram pug of #mochismoviemoments

Thanks to the rise of Instagram, many canine superstars were born in the last few years. They all have their own distinctive star power. Some are famous for being super cute like Boo the Pomeranian, some have a wardrobe most humans would envy like Digby Van Winkle, others like Cookie of PS.NY produce the most artistic images on Instagram. These celebrity pooches, or we call influencers, are taking the business world by storm with lucrative product endorsement deals. Watch out Taylor Swift!

Call me a star chaser or whatever, but I’m really proud to say I know one of these celebrity dog personalities. She is a 3.5yo pug named Mochi. Her mum Miranda is an advertising executive and her dad Shota is the head chef at chef-hatted restaurant Bar H. Therefore it’s not hard to trace where Mochi’s creativity comes from.

What makes Mochi a celebrity? My interview with her parents should shed some light, despite them being pretty humble about their daughter’s rise to fame.

Mochi is a bit of a celebrity, with thousands of followers on Instagram. Tell me about the kind of media attention you have received so far?

Some of Mochi’s media appearances are Dog’s Life Magazine, Revlon TV Commercial, Adelaide’s The Advertiser, Meow Woof Blog and Chinese magazines. During last Oscar season she was sponsored by Purina for a marketing campaign.

The biggest one was Today Show on Channel 9. Mochi was invited to the show to talk about Mochi’s Movie Moments on her Instagram account @justanotherdogblog.

Mochi’s Movie Moments is a big hit on Instagram. What inspired you to create this in the first place?

Actually it started as a joke. I work in advertising, my colleagues and I said we spend all our time making other people and brands famous, we should apply the knowledge on ourselves. We thought animals on Instagram is such a big thing, we should just run with it! So I came up with the theme of dressing up Mochi as famous characters in movies. We all first thought it’s a terrible idea and no one would even care, who would have guessed it took off pretty quickly!

Tell me what made you decide to get Mochi in the first place?

Miranda: I really wanted a dog but Shota was scared of the responsibility that comes with it. He gets very attached to animals. When he was a little kid his sister’s pet rat died. Nobody else in the family cared but he was crying for days.

Shota: I’m a chef, I work long hours and Miranda is always at home having dinner by herself. One day I decided to get Miranda a dog for her birthday so she would have a companion when I’m not around.

Mochi the instagram pug and her dad of Bar H

“I’m a chef, I work long hours and Miranda is always at home having dinner by herself. One day I decided to get Miranda a dog for her birthday so she would have a companion when I’m not around.”


What does Mochi mean to you?

Mochi’s part of the family. The best wind-up living toy you can get (just kidding)!

You got married just about a year ago. What role did Mochi play at your wedding?

Mochi was our little celebration after getting married. After Nikki our celebrant pronounced us husband and wife, Mochi came down with a Just Married sign tied to her tail. That was a special moment.

Mochi the instagram pug of #mochismoviemoments


What is Mochi’s role in your household?

A little monster.

Really? What mischief has she done in the past?

Last christmas Mochi’s little pug friend Lola was staying with us. We had a Christmas tree with boxes of gifts under it. There was this box given to us which was wrapped up and we didn’t know what it was. Lola figured out it was food. It was actually 1 kilogram of chocolate penettone. We got home and found cardboard all over the house. Lola’s belly was so full that she couldn’t sit down because her belly was pushing against the ground. They were so hyperactive. We knew it was time to take them to the emergency room. So that was quite a memorable Christmas, us with two pugs vomiting half a kilogram of panettone each at the 24/7 emergency vet!

Miranda: There was also a time when Mochi jumped into Sydney Harbour but she couldn’t swim. She managed to jump over the wall along Rushcutters Bay’s marina into the water with a 3 meter drop. I had to jump into the bull shark infested, disgustingly oily water with my clothes and boots on to fish her out. Don’t even mention the walk of shame we took, soaking wet!

Mochi the instagram pug of #mochismoviemoments

What are the happiest moments you’ve shared with Mochi?

We had a really nice time on my birthday this year. We went to Sirius Cove in Mosman, a dog beach surrounded by a beautiful park. We had a picnic there and it was so nice (until Mochi ran down the cliff and nearly killed herself…).

Anything you wish for Mochi?

I wish she could talk. I want to hear what her voice is like, and ask her what she’s thinking.

If Mochi could speak, what do you think she’d say to you?

I’m hungry. Why don’t you understand how hungry I am!

Mochi the instagram pug of @justanotherdogblog

“I’m hungry. Why don’t you understand how hungry I am!”


Commercial endorsements, celebrity status, media buzz aside, however you want to see all these pet celebrities on the internet, one thing you can’t deny is that they bring laughters and joy to our lives. Remember the last time you had a bad day at work, on your way home you swiped right to unlock your phone, a cute dog on the internet did his silly thing and you couldn’t stop laughing?

To me that’s healing. And it’s priceless.


Mochi the instagram pug of #mochismoviemoments

Mochi the instagram pug of @justanotherdogblog

Mochi the instagram pug of @justanotherdogblog

Mochi the instagram pug of @justanotherdogblog

All photography by Jay of Runway Pooch
Mochi in Just Married sign – photography by Solas Wedding

Written by Jay Lee
Jay Lee, Founder & Editor of Runway Pooch, is a designer, pet fashion stylist and father to a poodle. Along with his partner in style - Noodle, the suPAWmodel who knows how to strike a pose for the camera, Jay reports on latest styles for the pampered pooches and their stories with hoomans.