You know you love your denims. When you found a perfect pair that fits like a glove, you wear them day and night. Not convinced? Close your eyes, imagine you’re standing in front of your wardrobe, tell me how many pairs of jeans can you see? Whether you love denims as much as I do, denim chic is an all seasons key trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Ever thought of introducing denims into your dog’s wardrobe?

So here’s why I think denims are great for dogs. I like dressing Noodle in nice outfits. However he loves rolling on the grass with zero care factor for his pup couture. This drives me nuts because I spend as much on his outfits as for myself but his usually last half the time. Therefore denim is the perfect material for dogs, balancing style and functionality.

Invented in the 17th century, denim started as a humble fabric for the working class in Northern Italy. Levi Strauss, aka Father of Denim, originally made jeans for the cowboys and miners since 1873. Not so much utilitarian in the fashion world anymore, denims have been sent out on high fashion runway for decades for its distinctive modern chic qualities. Now the animals are claiming it! Well, at least the dogs are…

I like this black denim coat with faux fur collar because it’s chic, warm and more importantly durable for Noodle. The silver fox faux fur collar feels luxury. The faux leather details on the pockets, zipper, right shoulder piece and belt totally glamming and rocking it up! The composition made of monochromatic black on black looks expensive.

So if you want to create a stylish look for your dog this winter that will last for a while, be sure to consider denims. Especially when they are black, dirts aren’t that visible, as my grandma would advise…

Runway Pooch Poodle Denim Westfield Sydney

Runway Pooch Noodle Dog Coat Window Display

Runway Pooch Poodle Denim Westfield Sydney

Runway Pooch Noodle at Gucci

Runway Pooch Black Denim Dog Coat Details

MODEL Noodle
LOCATION Westfield Sydney
Noodle’s wardrobe from Runway Pooch
Red and Blue Bow Tie Collar, The Rover Boutique
Denim Coat with Fur Collar, Urban Pup
Monochrome Leather Lead, Hamish McBeth

Written by Jay Lee
Jay Lee, Founder & Editor of Runway Pooch, is a designer, pet fashion stylist and father to a poodle. Along with his partner in style - Noodle, the suPAWmodel who knows how to strike a pose for the camera, Jay reports on latest styles for the pampered pooches and their stories with hoomans.