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If you have seen the movie Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop, you will remember this: Gwyneth’s character was fired from her PR job. She rushed for her train on the London Underground. The plot then splits into two parallel universes, which in one of them she missed the train by a second, in the other one she got into the train just as the sliding doors closed behind her. The one second difference between being inside and outside of the sliding doors resulted in a lifetime of completely different outcomes. By now, you must be asking, what do Sliding Doors have to do with how I met my dog?

Let me take you back to my childhood time when I was about nine years old. I have always wanted a dog since when I was little but my parents kept rejected the idea primarily because of the costs that come with it. So I resorted to playing with neighbours’ dogs every day after school. One day the lady who lives a few doors down the street told me her female mutt was pregnant. Knowing how eager I wanted a dog, she promised to let me adopt one of her pups for free. Free, how good is that? I rushed home and begged my parents. Surprisingly my parents said yes this time! Over the next few weeks I kept walking past the neighbour’s house to check on the mother of my future dog. A litter of puppies were finally born after six and the half weeks of anticipation and excitement. Just as I was about to leave the front door to pick up my pup, my father stood in front of me and told me he changed his mind. He said I would never be able to take that kind of responsibilities. There I was, a nine year old innocent boy had his heart crushed into millions of pieces. For days I didn’t speak to him.

Even today I still wonder, if I left the house before my father stopped me, what my life would be for the next 10-15 years? Maybe I would have already had the adorable puppy in my arms that it was too late for my dad to change his mind? Maybe we would have grown up together becoming best friends in life? Or maybe I wouldn’t have such a deep connection with dogs since I had it much easier?

“…we were so vain that we wanted to colour coordinate our new black couch with our dog, so we decided to go for a black poodle!”

Fast forward to February 2012. After living together for a year, my ex partner L and I decided we were ready to become dog parents. We opted for a miniature poodle for its superior health and physical qualities: hyper allergenic, non shedding coat, intelligence and good look. Don’t laugh but this is true, we were so vain that we wanted to colour coordinate our new black couch with our dog, so we decided to go for a black poodle!

We googled everywhere to find this perfect black male poodle. It was harder than looking for a unicorn, knowing we were both perfectionist. After missing out a poodle baby by a few hours to another family, I felt like the sliding doors has shut me out once again. I went back to the drawing board, googling ‘the best poodle breeders in Australia’ and other keywords. And then this happened…

It was the Monday after Sydney Mardi Gras weekend, the day many boys in the Eastern Suburbs took the day off to recover from an epic party weekend. So did L and I. L suggested I research on poodle clubs. I stumbled upon the Poodle Club of Victoria and found a contact name who happened to be the President of the club – Neville Humpage. Holy shitballs!! Neville was my hairdresser of many years when I lived in Melbourne, and I haven’t spoken to him for over six years since I moved to Sydney!

I rang Neville. Monday is the day hairdressers have their day off. We chatted for awhile and I asked for recommendation for good breeders. One thing led to another, I was put in touch with this breeder in Sydney called Scott. Scott had a 9 week old black poodle boy who was ready for a new home. I spoke to Scott but was hit by another roadblock: someone already wanted to bring this boy to Hong Kong as a show dog but haven’t committed to a deal. Oh my Dog, does it have to be this hard?

So here we go again. I was chewing off my finger nails for days while waiting for Scott to get an answer from the other guy. Four days later, Scott finally asked me to visit his pups during the weekend after hearing no answer. Strangely, the two-day wait was a lot calmer than I anticipated. It must be a good sign!

That Saturday came along. It was a sunny early Autumn morning in Sydney. I brought an entourage with me: L and two of my friends. When Scott let the dogs out (who lets the dogs out woof woof??), I was greeted by three of the cutest tail-wagging black fluffy fur balls with kisses all over my face. My heart instantly warmed up from the shower of love by the trio of these 2 girls and a boy. Since L and I had decided the gender of our first baby earlier, we looked at each other and said this boy is the one.

And the rest was history.

I named the boy Noodle, whom some of you may have seen on my Instagram or on SBS Insight recently. The entire journey of how Noodle and I found each other was a magical one. If one of the elements slightly mis-aligned: what if I didn’t meet L (we separated over a year later but the way we met each other was another Sliding Doors story), what if Neville was too busy making his client beautiful when I called, what if the other person decided to take Noodle to Hong Kong… too manywhat-if’s, luckily non of them came through.

“This time the sliding doors met each other at the most perfect timing. One second of difference, Noodle and I wouldn’t have found each other…”

This time the sliding doors met each other at the most perfect timing. One second of difference, Noodle and I wouldn’t have found each other. This perfect alignment of the universe has ultimately led to the birth of this blog. Welcome to Runway Pooch! I hope you enjoy many stories, designs, tips and tricks I’m going to share with you for years to come. This is just a beginning.

If you have a dog, I’d love to hear how you found him or her? Did you adopt, or did you find them through a breeder? Or did they turned up on your doorsteps on day asking if they can stay? Please comment below!

Thank you and have a beautiful day. 🐾

Photo credit: Faye De Lanty of Fashion Hound. Thanks beautiful! xoxo

Runway Pooch Noodle and Jay Lee

Runway Pooch Noodle and Jay


Written by Jay Lee
Jay Lee, Founder & Editor of Runway Pooch, is a designer, pet fashion stylist and father to a poodle. Along with his partner in style - Noodle, the suPAWmodel who knows how to strike a pose for the camera, Jay reports on latest styles for the pampered pooches and their stories with hoomans.