Runway Pooch Family Pawtrait: Hugo the Frenchie

I’m a little obsessed with Frenchies these days. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the big round eyes and the big perky ears. Everytime I see a Frenchie I just want to cuddle them and feed them with yummy treats. Way too cute not to!

I met Hugo from my local park. Hugo the one and a half year old French Bulldog, loves to eat and fart. He lives with his loving humans in East Sydney. Mum Maria is a lawyer and dad Marc is a patent engineer. I thought it would be nice to do a family pawtrait of them and get to know Hugo a bit more than our usual doggie play time in the park. Here’s what went down when I spoke to Hugo’s parents about him.

What does Hugo mean to you?

Hugo is my baby.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Hugo?

15. I can’t even imagine life without him.

How would you describe Hugo’s personality?

Hugo is very much motivated by food.

Hugo is very loyal. He always like to hang around and see what we’re up to. I think he’s always curious. Whenever he hears other dogs barking, he wants to find out what’s wrong with them.

He’s a pretty cool dude.

Can you share a story about you and Hugo – anything special he’s done in the past?

A couple of years ago when we were in New York, Marc’s best friend Elliot proposed to his girlfriend on top of the Empire State Building. We were there and managed to take a photo of that special moment when it happened. It was a beautiful photo. Last year before we travelled to Canada for their wedding, we got the photo printed on a canvas as their wedding gift. It was beautifully wrapped up and ready to go.

The night before we left for Canada, we came home and saw the wrapping paper all over the floor. We were like ‘Oh my god what had just happened’? Guess what we found when we looked for Hugo? We found him rubbing his poo-ey bum all over the back of the picture! I think that was his way of telling us ‘that’s what happens when you go overseas without me mum’!

We had to leave the next morning and there was no time to re-make the wedding gift. We decided to wrap it up again and gave it away as it is. So somewhere in Canada today, there’s Hugo’s poo…

‘Mum and Dad, you’re my best friends.’


If Hugo can speak, what would he say to you?

‘More food! Why do you starve me? Why do all the other dogs get more food than I do?’
‘Mum and Dad, you’re my best friends.’
‘I love mum and I love dad, and they’re the best.’

Parents worry, that’s what we do. As parents, what’s the biggest worry you have for Hugo?

Because he’s pure bred he might have health issues when he’s older. I’m worried he’s not going to live as long.

Sometimes you worry that when you’re working long hours in the office, you wonder if they are ok being home alone. It’s funny how much life changes when you get a dog. You’ll be like ‘maybe I won’t go out and hang out with my friends today. I just want to go home and be with my dog’.

Hugo looks like a very much loved dog. Is there anything more you wish you can get for him?

Something for his fart, so he doesn’t stink up the house so much. When he’s farting in his crate from across the living room, you can smell it all the way from our bedroom.

And something to make him less lonely. I wouldn’t mind getting him a companion. It would be nice to have two dogs.

(The end)

That says it all. I hope it’s not too much to say that Hugo is a pampered pooch. He’s very lucky to have his humans who want nothing but the best for him. And I’m sure his humans feel just as lucky to have him in their life.

Hugo's humans love him very much

Hugo the Frenchie and his mum

Hugo the frenchie and his dad

Hugo and his parents

Hugo the Frenchie wearing bow tie collar

Jurassic World Frenchie

Jurassic World French Bulldog

“We had to leave the next morning and there was no time to re-make the wedding gift. We decided to wrap it up again and gave it away as it is. So somewhere in Canada today, there’s Hugo’s poo…”


MODELS Hugo, Maria & Marc
LOCATION Hugo’ home
ACCESSORIES: (top to bottom)
Photo 1: Critter Charm Dog Collar, Karen Walker (Model’s Own)
Photo 2, 4 & 5: Brown Leather & Fur Lined Coat, Urban Pup 
Photo 3: Candy Stripes Bow Tie Collar, Usagi Team
Photo 6: Emerald Plaid Shirt Collar Collar, Usagi Team
Photo 7 & 8: Dinosaur Costume (Model’s own)

Written by Jay Lee
Jay Lee, Founder & Editor of Runway Pooch, is a designer, pet fashion stylist and father to a poodle. Along with his partner in style - Noodle, the suPAWmodel who knows how to strike a pose for the camera, Jay reports on latest styles for the pampered pooches and their stories with hoomans.